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How to Subscribe

Getting Started (Subscribers)

Step 1.


P.O.Box subscribers shall register for the service from the Post Office counters.

The details required at registration include your:-

  • Full Names
  • Mobile Phone Number (SMS notifications will be sent to this number by default)
  • Email Address (optional)

On successful registration, a password will be sent to your registered phone number. This password together with your account number will grant you access to your portal.

Step 2.

Credits Purchase

To receive notifications, you will need credits on your account, you can buy credits from:

  • the Post Office counter personnel
  • your portal using a voucher purchased from the Post Office
  • your portal using Mobile Money

Currently, each SMS is equivalent to 1 credit, and the cost per credit varys depending on your operator's rates (eg. for Posta Uganda, each SMS costs UGX 500).

Step 3.

Receive Notifications

Once the above steps have been successfully completed, you will be able to receive SMS or email notifications whenever new items are delivered to your P.O.Box.

A product brochure with this procedure will also be placed in your P.O.Box for your offline perusal.

"Only go to your mail box when you know you have mail, save time and money!"